The Face is the first book in the Pharmakembru series.

It is currently self-published on Blurb and available to vote for at SOOP Publishing.

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The Mystery begins when a kid finds strange wrinkles on their stomach.

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The story starts at New River Beach, where Alex Andrews celebrates their 10th birthday. At the end of the day, when it is just Alex and a strange friend called Patty are the last kids at the beach, they discover a small cluster of strange wrinkles on Alex's stomach while they are both drying off. Alex convinces Patty to keep it a secret through dubious means.

Later, Alex shows their parents the wrinkles, who immediately get them tested. The result is that Alex is a Chimera, an organism that carries two sets of DNA. There is relief, at first.

Alex still has to hide it from their friends, which proves harder as the months go by. The left of their stomach begins to ache and tingle, which minimally interrupts Alex's sleep schedule and limits them when enjoying their favourite activity, swimming. They also get scared of the thought of other kids finding out and begin wrapping bandages around their stomach.

One day, when they are unwrapping the bandages to take a bath, they look down to see a face on their stomach staring up at them.

Alex must now learn to take care of 'Sister', along with keeping her existence a secret from everyone, surviving both Middle and High school, never being able to take up sports again, helping out friends through their problems, declining family bonds, growing paranoia, chewed-up hands, and a presence that seems more persuasive with every whisper they send from the back of Alex's mind.

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To read a preview of the first two chapters, visit Penana.