Alex Andrews is the main protagonist in The Face. Because Alex's gender is never outright stated, Alex will be referred to with Singular They Pronouns.

Etymology Edit

Their first name Alex comes from Alexander/Alexandra, a greek name meaning 'Defender' or 'Protector of Humankind'. Their last name, Andrews, is a European-based name meaning 'manly'.

Profile Edit

Personality and Psychology Edit

At the beginning of the story, Alex is an extroverted and active 10-year-old, who loves to socialize and swim. They show to have a lot of patience, and play the peacekeeper of the group.

After Sister appears, Alex becomes more anxious and grouchy, but still tries to be there for their friends as they get into their own problems.

They can no longer swim, so they take up walking and photography instead. This is threatened when Alex is 14, after a potential abduction while taking a walk on a foggy day.

By the time they are 16, Alex is a paranoic and reserved individual who struggles to keep their friends, family, and mental stability close. They grow more desperate to find a 'final solution' to their deformity, by any means necessary.

Appearance Edit

Their appearance for most of the story is that Alex has brown eyes, short, curly, dark brown hair, and 'cinnamon' brown skin and freckles in the summer. In the winter, their skin lightens, to the point where some people will ask about Alex's race and heritage, with varying degrees of politeness.

As a kid, Alex dressed mainly in bright coloured t-shirts and pants. As they got older, they started to dress more conservatory, opting for baggy hoodies and pants. They began wearing gloves to hide the bite marks of their hands.

Trivia Edit

  • Alex's core personality is inspired from Homestuck's Vantas Trolls, Karkat and Kankri.
    • It's why their zodiac is Cancer and favourite colour is red.